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Half-year throughput of Zhoushan Port exceeded 550 million tons
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The first “1 billion tons” super port in the world has achieved another success. On July 10, the semi-annual report on the transportation production of Ningbo Zhoushan Port was officially released: from January to June 2018, the cargo throughput was 550 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%; the container throughput was 13.284 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 7.3%.

Since 2018, China's export container shipping market has generally shown an upward trend. According to a report released by Shanghai Shipping Exchange, in June, the average value of China's export container comprehensive freight index was 803.05, up 5.0% from the previous month. Thanks to the rising trend of export container transportation, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has taken measures to promote the steady growth of port container throughput. First of all, it strengthens business interaction with major shipping alliances. In the first half of the year, six new routes were added, with a total of 249 routes, including 122 ocean-going trunk lines. Secondly, we will actively build quality routes and comprehensively promote the expansion and reorganization of business, with both internal and domestic trade lines increasing.

Sea-rail combined transport maintained rapid growth. In the first half of the year, Ningbo Zhoushan Port promoted the informatization of sea-rail combined transportation, continuously improved the operation capacity of Beilun Port railway Station, upgraded Yiwu sea-rail combined transport train to “two shifts a day”, and newly opened Chongqing-Ningbo sea-rail combined transport train. From January to June, Ningbo Zhoushan Port completed the sea-rail combined transport business volume of 263,000 TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 44%.

In terms of bulk cargo, a number of key businesses in Ningbo Zhoushan Port achieved contrarian growth. Among them, the Shulang Lake ore transfer terminal handled a total of 13 vessels of 400,000 tons in the first half of the year, and completed the iron ore handling capacity of 12.747 million tons, an increase of 71.4%. The port also exerted the advantage of “mining coal linkage”, increased the volume of metallurgical coal for steel mills, actively explored the supply of Haihe River intermodal transportation, and successfully opened two inland river routes from Zhenhai Port Area to Shaoxing Mashan Thermal Power and Far East Thermal Power. In addition, it has established a solid cooperative relationship with large automakers such as Geely Automobile. In 2018, it has completed 57,000 auto roll-on business, 15.4 times that of the same period in 2017.

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