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Ningbo pilots Bluetooth spike parking for shared bicycles
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The picture shows the rider is parking the bicycle under the guidance of the Bluetooth spike. (Photo by Hu Long)

If you park shared bicycle in the right place, you will be rewarded with a riding coupon. On July 9th, the city's first bicycle Bluetooth spike pilot jointly built by the government and enterprises appeared at the entrance of Ningbo Book City and Qing'an Guild Hall. The shared bicycle riders can park the vehicle at these two points and get a one-yuan ride coupon.

In recent years, shared bicycles has become an important tool for solving the “last mile” of urban public transportation, which has brought a lot of convenience to citizens. At the same time, shared bicycles have gradually escalated into “obstacle” on the road due to problems such as parking, distaining the image of the city. In order to solve this problem, recently, the Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau of the Yinzhou District (Urban Administration) negotiated and cooperated with the shared bicycle Mobike Company to set up an electronic fence—Bluetooth Spike during the setting of the non-motor vehicle parking space. It will help the public to regulate parking and realizes intelligent management of shared bicycle parking.

At Ningbo Book City pilot site, users can view the recommended parking spots around the area through the “Mobike” app, and can view the number of parked vehicles in the area, which is convenient for users to use and return vehicles. When the vehicle stops in the parking area covered by the Bluetooth spike, the user will get the reward points, and there is a one-yuan riding coupon to the user's account, up to 3 a day.

The staff of the Municipal Administration Department of the Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau of Yinzhou District said that the installation of Bluetooth spike to guide the parking can not only remind the public to consciously park in designated areas, but also to bring reward to the citizens who often use shared bicycles. In the end, it will effectively improve the phenomenon of parking.

It is learned that the installation of Bluetooth spikes is piloted in two points—Ningbo Book City, Qing'an Guild Hall in, a total of 193 Bluetooth spikes installed. According to the relevant staff, the Bluetooth spike is waterproof and dustproof, the material is strong, and the maintenance cost is low. A Bluetooth spike can be used normally for two years.

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