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China-CEEC Prints Exhibition held at Ningbo Art Gallery
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As one of the major cultural exchange events of the 4th China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo, the China-CEEC Exhibition of Prints by Famous Artists was held at Ningbo Art Gallery on the morning of June 5. The exhibition will last until June 22.

Reportedly, the exhibits are all the distinguished works by the famous print artists from China and the 16 central and eastern European countries. With the themes of "Belt and Road" and "peace and love", the exhibition displays 78 prints, including 60 by 20 CEEC artists and 18 by 11 Chinese artists. There are "Silence", "Coconut" and "Still Life and Bunny", works by prominent Czech artists Simon Blaha and Michael Zeegelaar, and "Controlling the Impossible" by Edwin Derajicevic, who has won a number of international awards for prints. Besides, there are works with strong national characteristics from Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Serbia and Bulgaria, etc. The print works of three young Ningbo print artists are also on display.

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