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2nd "A Bite of CEEC" Kicks off at the Old Bund
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On the afternoon of June 7th, the 2nd "A Bite of CEEC" kicked off, attracting people with food from countries such as Latvia, Poland and so on. (Photo by Xu Neng)

On the afternoon of June 7, the 2nd "A Bite of CEEC", as an important part of the 4th China - CEEC Investment and Trade Expo, kicked off at the Old Bund. At the opening ceremony, the representative office of Lithuanian Enterprises in Ningbo was inaugurated. From the 7th to the 9th, the citizens of Ningbo can experience the culture of the CEEC countries while enjoying the food.

During the event, the Old Bund was interspersed with flowers and colored fluttering flags, presenting people with palatable food and wine, as well as exotic cultures. At the site of the activity, a number of enterprises from the 16 central and eastern European countries, such as Latvia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, displayed their featured products, covering such 15 categories as drinks, beverage, snacks, grain and oil, and cosmeceuticals.

Meanwhile, the CEEC products exhibition and food tasting activity, the CEEC style exhibition, and the art-food interaction party were held along the riverside area of the Old Bund. Lithuanian mead, Latvian canned fish, Bulgarian yoghurt, and Hungarian sausages were very popular among people.

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