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European Cuisines Gather in Ningbo
2018-05-17Text Size: A A A

The photo shows people from the Ningbo food industry enjoying European cuisine.

On May 14th, the second food promotion, “European flavor, quality and tradition”, was held in Ningbo. Central and Eastern European countries represented by Poland brought various kinds of local cuisine to Ningbo citizens.

At the promotion, Mr. Piotr Novotanyako, the Polish Consul General in Shanghai, introduced Poland's meat products, fruits and vegetables and other local cuisine. He said that 1000 containers of Polish meat products were input into China in 2017, and the growth will up 20% in 2018. The relevant leaders of the Ningbo Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade also revealed that Ningbo Customs has established a special customs clearance mechanism. The government also provided corresponding special financial support for it is an experimental window for Central Eastern European countries to enter the Chinese market. So the second food promotion has attracted more European food manufacturers and local businesses in Ningbo.

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