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Yuyao Invests 9.676 Billion RMB on Siming Mountain Provincial Resort
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With the official approval of Zhejiang Province, Siming Mountain is positioned as a provincial tourist resort, which will, in the future, become a key support of the human resources in Ningbo for its Red Revolutionary Culture, a new summer resort with high standards in the Yangtze River Delta and a national mountain summer resort.

Siming Mountain Provincial Tourism Resort starts from the east to 33 Provincial Highway, stretching to the south entrance of Siming Mountain National Forest Park in the south, facing Wangxiang Village, Yuyao Liangnong Town in the west and Dongxi village in the north. Its total planning area is 40.44 square kilometers with a total investment of 9.676 billion yuan, which starts planning and construction from 2017 and ends in 2026. Its spatial layout is featured with one core area, one belt area and two districts and will be constantly improved through characteristic tourism functional projects.

"One core area", relying on Liangnong Town's rich ecological and cultural resources and inheriting the history and red culture, intends to build a characteristic town offering cultural experience and entertainment activities in the ancient town leisure and natural landscape, a recreational and comprehensive service center. The "one belt area" refers to the 100 Li resort along Huxi, including a mountainous landscape belt, a rustic scenery belt, a recreation belt and a cultural experience belt. There will be a natural landscape belt encompassing both scenic beauty and convenient transportation. "Two districts" refer to Dalan sports, cultural experience district and Siming Mountain health care and retirement holiday district. Dalan Town will focus on developing sports industry, cultural experience and other business to provide a direct contact with nature. The Siming town will base itself on ecological culture and health culture, building a holiday resort featuring leisure, health care, business meeting and forum.

At present, the region is abundant in tourist resources which include the Siming Lake, old sites of the Anti Japanese base areas in East Zhejiang, canyon landscapes, the Siming Mountain National Forest Park, and the Siming Mountain Geopark. The establishment of the Siming Mountain provincial tourism resort offers a great opportunity to promote the industrial status of the Siming Mountain and create its business card. It can strengthen the protection of the whole region, realize the sustainable development, optimize the structure of the tourism industry in Yuyao and boost Yuyao’s economy.

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