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Ningbo Launches “Bird-Loving Week”
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The number of birds species in the city has reached 420.

On the morning of April 14th, the 2018 Ningbo Wildlife Conservation Awareness Month and “Bird-Loving Week” were launched at Ningbo Botanical Garden. More than 100 volunteers and citizens from the city took part in positively.

It is reported that the theme this year is “Protecting birds diversity and natural habitats”. During the activity period, various activities will also be held in Ningbo, such as the talks about scientific rescue of wildlife, the mapping of wild birds in campus and so on. At the site of yesterday, bird knowledge panels and wild bird specimen display areas were set up. Through expert explanations, prize quizzes and other forms, the citizens were introduced in detail about wildlife protection knowledge and related laws and regulations.

According to relevant person of the Forest Resources Department of Ningbo Forestry Bureau, Ningbo has established 17 wildlife protection areas with an area of 430,000 mou. 95 kinds of key protected birds have been effectively protected, and some rare birds and wild animals have been found continuously. Ten years ago, there were 349 species of birds in Ningbo. After a decade of protection and discovery, the number of known birds has exceeded 420 species, which is due to the forest conservation of Simingshan and other areas. However, the protection about coastal wetland resources also admits of no delay.

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