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1,322 Ningbo Enterprises Attend 123rd Canton Fair
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The largest commodity exhibition in the world -- the 123rd Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou this morning, and 1,322 Ningbo businesses clustered together to have an edge.

Canton Fair, known as a barometer and vane of China's foreign trade is the most important platform for Ningbo's foreign trade enterprises to explore the international market. At this Canton Fair, 1322 exhibitors in Ningbo obtained 3136 exhibition booths, with nearly ten thousand official exhibitors, ranking 5th in terms of exhibition scale among national trading delegations.

It is reported that the exhibition scale of the 123rd Canton Fair is the same as the previous one. The exhibition area is 1.18 million square meters with 60000 booths in three sessions. The first exhibition starts from April 15th and ends on April 19th where exhibition commodity includes electronic and electrical appliances, lighting products, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials and chemical products. Ningbo has 1389 exhibitors and 613 enterprises in this session. The second session is from April 23rd to April 27th with exhibition ranging from daily commodity to gifts and home decoration categories where Ningbo holds 636 exhibition booths for 264 exhibitors. The third session, open from May 1st to May 5th, is for textile and garments, footwear, office supplies, bags and leisure commodity, pharmaceuticals and health care products, food and imports with 1111 exhibition booths for 445 Ningbo enterprises.

At this year's Canton Fair, the overall brand image of Ningbo's export base is highlighted. On the Canton Fair PDC platform with a total area of more than 600 square meters, set up for the "Quality Ningbo, a manufacturing city", attracts 21 Ningbo high quality enterprises, including the "Cixi Household Appliances" and "New Haishu".

This Canton Fair has grabbed more attention with escalating trade frictions between China and US. It is learned from the Municipal Commerce Commission that in order to prepare for the Canton Fair, Ningbo Trading Group has carried out reforms and innovations in management services. For example, booth allocation mechanism has been further optimized. In order to give full play to the demonstration and leading role of brand booths, our city has adjusted the priority declaration method of some booths, and re-arranged declarations for brand booths in line with the deployment of Ministry of Commerce to promote Ningbo brand booth structure.

According to statistics, in this January and February, the total foreign trade imports and exports in Ningbo reached 133 billion yuan, increased by 23.7% compared with the same period last year. The imports hit 43.73 billion, up by 10.1% and exports were 89.27 billion, up by 31.7%. Total trade surplus was 45.54 billion RMB. Particularly, an increase is observed in consumer goods exports with 25.89 billion RMB ( with an increase of 26.4%), including revenues from clothing, textiles, lamps and plastics, furniture, footwear and bags. The export of mechanical and electrical products reached 50.54 billion RMB, rose by 33.4%, accounting for 56.6% of the total exports in Ningbo. Its proportion grew by 0.7 percentage point.

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