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Sino-German cooperation zone to be built in Cixi
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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has officially approved the establishment of the Sino-German Cooperation Zone for SMEs in Cixi County, which means that products "made in Cixi" and "made in Germany" will cooperate in all fields to promote the seamless docking of the SMEs in China and Germany at the zone. The cooperation zone is reportedly the second of its kind in Zhejiang Province.

Located at the high-tech zone of Cixi County, the core area of the cooperation zone covers a planned area of 22 square kilometers. According to the planning, the core area will focus on the manufacturing of whole vehicles, auto parts and intelligent equipment.

With such leading industries as new materials, life and health, military-civilian integration, the zone will attract the settlement of a group of intelligent manufacturing assembly enterprises with outstanding technological advantages and quick-response services, as well as some high-quality small and medium technological enterprises, thus forming an international industrial agglomeration area.

Cixi County aims to build the cooperation zone as an important platform for introducing advanced technologies, management experience and high-quality talents, to dock the "Made in China 2025" strategy and the "Germany industry 4.0" strategy and conduct an all-around cooperation with Germany in such fields as intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet.

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