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Cheese Park opens to public for trial operation
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The trial operation of the Cheese Park, the first educational complex in Ningbo, was held on March 9, attracting a lot of attention with its new one-stop operation model. All the 60 training agencies that have settled down in the park have been reviewed and approved by the park and the training contracts will be signed by the parents and the park to guarantee the security of fund. It is also worth noting that each child involved in the training courses will be equipped with a smart band, enabling the parents to have a real-time view of their kids.

Cheese Park, located at the former administration building of Ningbo Daily Group, is an urban educational complex with an investment of 150 million yuan from Ningbo Daily Group and Wanke Group. The 60 training agencies on the fourth and fifth floors of the building are chosen from over 200 agencies from 21 cities, providing such courses for youth quality education as sinology, English for children, programming, Lego, robot, dancing, aerobics, taekwondo, karate, calligraphy, art, performance, singing, fencing, equestrian and rock climbing. In the future, a new kindergarten and an outdoor square with an investment of over 10 million yuan will be built in the complex. Besides, the 70 brand stores located on the first and second floors of the building will serve as a new destination for urban aesthetic life.   

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