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Ningbo Art Gallery brisk in cultural exchanges
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The exhibition of distinguished oil painting works by Russian artists is currently held in Ningbo Art Gallery. Reportedly, in recent years, the gallery has been active in its outbound cultural exchanges with such actions as introducing over 40 foreign artists, forming sister-gallery relationship with galleries from over 20 countries and holding dozens of foreign art exhibitions, thus recognized as one of the galleries with highest ratio of dependence on foreign art in China. 

As is known, the Artists Studio of Ningbo Art Gallery, established in 2006, recruits artists from all over the world in the spring and autumn each year with the working period ranging from one month to three months. The artists can settle down in the studio after their application is approved by the gallery. During their working period, the artists can conduct in-depth inspection to the cultural relics, natural landscape and artistic galleries in Ningbo for inspiration. Besides, they can "opening day" activities to communicate, talk and even co-compose their works with local artists or citizens. According to the settlement agreement, after the working period, the gallery will select the works of the artists for collection. Reportedly, over the past years, over 40 artists from the US, Russia, Canada, Japan, Germany, France and the UK have been involved in the activity. The settlement of those distinguished artists has greatly promoted the exchanges between the local culture and the global art, thus enhancing Ningbo’s reputation and influence in the artistic field. So far, Ningbo Art Gallery has collected about 100 works of the foreign artists.

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