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Industrial output value of auto industry of Ningbo exceeds 200 billion yuan
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According to Ningbo Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, since 2016 when auto manufacturing industry became the biggest industry in Ningbo, the industry has made leap-forward progress over the past year. Statistics show that in 2017 the output value of the 595 large-scale auto enterprises stood at 235.59 billion yuan, exceeding 200 billion yuan for the first time, up by 21.2% over the previous year, accounting for 14.8% of the total output value of the industries of Ningbo and 47.6% of that of the large-scale auto enterprises of the province.

"Recent years have witnessed the ever optimizing development environment of the auto manufacturing industry. The strong support from the government, together with the improvement of the industrial chains, has promoted the rapid growth of the industry. Currently, Ningbo has become an important auto manufacturing base in China." said Yin Jichong, who came to Ningbo by means of talent-introduction in 2010 for his confidence in the future development of the auto industry in the city. Last year, his company, Weifu Tianli Turbo-charging Technology, achieved a sales volume of 570,000 vehicles compared with 100,000 vehicles in 2010. Also in 2017, the national project undertaken by the company was approved by the expert group, enabling the company to become the only one company with the independent brand and right of bulk production of the variable cross-section turbochargers for diesel engines.

The rapid development of the company is only one example of the improvement of both quality and quantity of the auto industry in Ningbo. Last year, with the breakthroughs in auto parts, whole vehicles and new-energy automobiles, as well as the acceleration of the application of "internet plus" and "robot plus" in the auto industry, the auto manufacturing industry achieved greater scales and auto enterprises realized great profits. Statistics show that in 2017 the large-scale enterprises of the auto industry in the city achieved an industrial added value of 49.35 billion yuan, up by 18.3% over the previous year, with an accumulative tax revenue of 43.24 billion yuan, up by 48.5%, including 31.42 billion yuan for profit, up by 55.0%, accounting for 20.6% and 24.9% of those of the total large-scale industry of the city respectively.

The first "Zhidou D3" vehicle was produced at the Ninghai base of Zhidou Auto on January 11, marking the beginning of a new era for the new-energy auto industry in Ningbo. On January 30, the second-phase of the Shanghai Volkswagen project in Ningbo, with a total investment of 19 billion yuan, realized bulk production with the launching of one million vehicles. On February 7, the Yinyi Bangqi Powerplant in Ningbo was officially put into production, with the estimated annual output value of over 12 billion yuan by 2020. These are just several examples for the new development of the auto manufacturing industry in the new year of 2018.

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