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Ningbo port to usher in auto import peak
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In the first month of 2018, the Meishan Bonded Port of Ningbo imported 857 whole vehicles, up by 3.3 times over the same period of last year, and the stock of the whole vehicles of the port reduced greatly by 336 vehicles.

“The amount of whole vehicle imports in January has witnessed a leap-forward increase compared with the previous years. On the one hand, with the obvious trend of the price advantage of the imported whole vehicles, the market share has rapidly enhanced. On the other hand, with the optimization of the customs clearance procedure and the supporting facilities of the port, both the buyers and sellers have built up their confidence. This year has witnessed the great chances in the declaration of the imported cars, and the customs has informed us of the new policies to ensure the smooth declaration and customs clearance for us.” said Liu Meng from Ningbo Effect Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd.

Reportedly, the de-stocking cars are mainly such medium grade cars as Land Cruiser, Range Rover and BMW X5. With the successful de-stocking and the corresponding fund inflow, the port is projected to witness a peak for a new round of whole-vehicle imports.

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