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Ningbo-Zhoushan Port blooms in new year
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The first month of the new year witnessed the blooming of the transportation and production. In January, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port achieved a cargo throughput of 90.25 million tons, up by 11.7% over the same period of last year, and the throughput volume reached 2.377 million TEUs, up by 12.3%, both hitting historical high for the same period.

The container business is still the main engine of the transportation business of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port. In January, three new shipping routes for the “21 century marine silk road”, thus making the number of the shipping routes reaching 246, further improving the radiating capacity and the trunk position of the port and promoting the continuous development of the import and export container and water-water transfer business. Meanwhile, the port has also developed the sea-rail transportation, and with the opening of the Chongqing-Ningbo sea-rail international route, the total number of the sea-rail shipping routes has reached 12, and the shipping network covering 23 provinces. In January, the sea-rail container volume reached 47,000 TEUs, up by 55.3%.

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