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Xiangshan 2nd Citrus Culture Festival opens
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A scene of the Citrus Culture Festival. (Photo by Huang Meizhen and Shen Sunhui)

On December 3, the 2nd Citrus Culture Festival in Xiangshan opened in Citrus Expo Park in Xiaowantang Village, Dingtang Town. The villagers sang and danced and shared the joy of citrus harvest. A number of citrus technologists and rural citrus technicians came to the site to share their planting experiences with the farmers.

2018 Xiangshan Citrus "Red Beauty" competition prior to the opening ceremony attracted much attention. A number of cooperatives have selected their "Red Beauty" to participate in the contest. Winners will be decided from fruit shape, fruit weight, sugar, flavor and other aspects. Finally, the winners will be awarded the Biggest Bed Beauty, the Best Flavor Red Beauty, the Sweetest Red Beauty, the Most Beautiful Red Beauty and the Champion. The award-winning "Red Beauty" citrus were sold at 14,400 yuan and all the sales were donated to the local charity.

At the opening ceremony, the song "Citrus Beauty" of Xiangshan "Red Beauty" was also released, which commended the most beautiful Citrus farmers and the most beautiful orangery in Xiangshan in 2018.

As the highlight of this year’s Citrus Culture Festival, 2018 China Xiangshan Hybrid Citrus Industry Development Forum was held on the afternoon of December 3. Nearly 100 citrus experts, scholars and fruit and vegetable enterprises from all over the country discussed the relevant policies of domestic citrus industry development, explore the latest management techniques of citrus cultivation, plan the innovation and development of citrus industry, and make suggestions to optimize and upgrade Xiangshan citrus industry, standardize production and build brand.

In recent years, Xiangshan has vigorously developed the fine citrus represented by “Red Beauty” and promoted the high-quality and high-level development of the citrus industry. At present, the county's citrus planting area is 110,000 mu, with a production capacity of 120,000 tons and an annual output value of more than 1.5 billion yuan.

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