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6th Ningbo Literature Week opens
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The 6th Ningbo Literature Week will be held on December 6th, and the domestic literary masters and famous editors will gather in Ningbo. The event will hold more than 20 activities in five parts, including literary works awards, literary works recommendation seminars, literature forums, literature and the public, and China Writers Association Meeting.

The three major awards of "Chu Jiwang Literature Award", "The Third Yu Lihua Literature Award" and "Chinese New Voice" Science Fiction Competition will be announced on December 6. The "Chu Jiwang Literature Award" has completed the final evaluation on October 25, and seven award-winning works (two 100,000 yuan prizes and five outstanding works prizes of 20,000 yuan) will be announced at the launching ceremony. Three local young writers were awarded the “Yu Lihua Youth Literature Award”.

The 6th Ningbo Literature Week will present the “Chinese New Voice” Science Fiction Essay Contest Award for the first time. The award aims to encourage the continued creation of science fiction writers and enhance the public's awareness of protecting our home and paying attention to the future. The contest was hosted by the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Municipal Association of Science and Technology.

Since the publication of the essay message on April 1st, it has received 209 original sci-fi works from all over the country that meet the requirements of the essay. There will be a gold medal, 3 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and 10 outstanding works awards. In addition, in order to encourage the enthusiasm of the local science fiction writers in Ningbo, the “Top Ten Science Fiction” award was also set up.

The domestic literary masters and famous editors will diagnose Ningbo literature and help the city to discover and cultivate more outstanding writers. The young poet Gu Baokai's poetry work seminar, the Cixi writer's works revision meeting, and Ningbo young writer's works will be held separately.

During the 6th Ningbo Literature Week, the highlights are two summit forums. Recent years has witnessed the rapid development of type literature. Science fiction has grabbed great attention. Sci-fi IP incubation and film and television adaptation boom has followed. Ningbo is currently working hard to bring together the creative power of domestic science fiction literature. On the afternoon of December 6, the sci-fi literature summit forum with the theme of “the current meaning of science fiction literature” will be held. Another forum is on the status quo and development prospects of Chinese literature in the international context for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

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