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Ningbo gets approval to build a National Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone
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The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources jointly issued the "Notice on Building a Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone" recently, and 14 zones including Ningbo were approved.

As the core area of Zhejiang Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone, Ningbo's marine economy has continued to grow rapidly in recent years and has become an important engine for driving the city's economic growth. In order to comprehensively upgrade the experience, mechanisms and models obtained in the previous pilots and build a strategic support area for national marine economic development at a higher level, Ningbo actively plans to build the National Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone, which include “National Modern Marine Industry Demonstration Base”, “National Marine Green Coordinated Development Model Area”, “National Marine Integrated Management System and Mechanism Innovation Test Base”, covering a total area of 149 square kilometers, with one main body, two bays and multiple islands.

Among them, the body refers to Xiangshan Peninsula, the main body of the demonstration area, which will focus on marine engineering equipment, marine intelligent technology, marine tourism (film and television leisure) blocks, and fishing port economy. It is mainly located in Xiangshan County, with an area of about 105 square kilometers. “Two Bays” refers to Xiangshan Bay and Ningbo Sanmen Bay. The former focuses on marine tourism (sports and health); the latter focuses on marine biomedical blocks, which is mainly located in Fenghua and Ninghai; “Multi-island” refers to several islands that surround Xiangshan Peninsula, and functions correspondingly to the functional blocks.

As the main body, Xiangshan accounts for 70.5% of the total area of the demonstration area. Since the approval of the province's first comprehensive marine development and protection test area in 2011, Xiangshan County has carefully constructed a large platform for marine development,actively exploring new paths to develop and protect the ocean, cultivating and expanding emerging marine industries, and continuously enhancing the comprehensive strength of the marine economy. It has successively won the title of the first batch of Marine Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone, National Marine Fishing Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Zone, and National Marine Management Innovation Pilot Unit. And it has created the country's first Marine Property Rights Trading Center. In 2017, Xiangshan County achieved a total economic output of 30 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the county's GDP.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that Ningbo Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone will comprehensively optimize the development pattern of the marine economy, take the lead in constructing an ecological modern marine industry system, continuously improve the level of land and sea planning and ecological environmental protection, comprehensively strengthen the capacity building of marine public services,  actively innovate the comprehensive marine management system and mechanism, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the marine economy, and strive to build a world-class, domestically leading national marine green coordinated development platform.

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