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Fenghua "No. 3 Science and Technology Grand Corridor" forges the southern "Innovative pole" in Ningbo
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Bird view of Fenghua Binhai New Zone. (Photo provided by Talents Office of Fenghua District Party Committee)

In the two years since Fenghua became a district of Ningbo, relying on a new development stage and a historic policy dividend, its economic and social development showed a positive new trend. In 2017, the GDP growth rate of the district ranked first in all districts and counties (cities) in Ningbo.

The growth rate of general public budget revenue ranked second in the city, and the growth rate of industrial added value above the designated size in the district ranked third in the city. In the first three quarters of 2018, major economic indicators continued to outperform the city, and the growth rate of fixed asset investment ranked first in the city. At present, Fenghua   ranks 73rd in the Top 100 National Comprehensive Strength Districts.

The rendering of the Future City Science Center of China Communications. (Photo provided by Talents Office of Fenghua District Party Committee)

A new round of scientific and technological revolution, rapid industrial development, more intense scientific and technological innovation and economic competition, the industrial division of labor began to undergo major adjustments, the competitive landscape and governance system accelerated restructuring, and local competition around talents, knowledge, innovation governance and innovation environment is getting increasingly complicated……

In this context, as the youngest district in Ningbo, Fenghua District is planning a glorious and ambitious innovation plan - "No. 3 Grand Corridor of Scientific Innovation”, aiming to promote the fusion and fission of talents, technology and capital, and create a regional talents-gathering highlands and science and technology innovation center leading in demonstration of urban industrial innovation in the southern part of Ningbo City, and with superior ecological environment and strong radiation-driven ability.

The rendering of the construction of the First Hospital of Ningbo. (Photo provided by Talents Office of Fenghua District Party Committee)

Key words

The blueprint guides the big plan

Along the slender Fenghua Section of Ningbo Rail Transit Line 3 (Ningbo to Fenghua Intercity Railway), well-known enterprises and platforms are connected in a line, and each gleaming innovation node meets each other to form a "golden corridor" of innovating science and technology and gathering industry, which expands southward to the whole area of Fenghua.

This is the “No. 3 Science and Technology Innovation Grand Corridor”. Fenghua District, by gathering the power of the whole district, and using the land with the best location, the highest concentration of high-end elements and the greatest potential for development, and combining innovation elements, resource endowments and convenient transportation, aims to create a new space to accelerate the “Southern Convergence” to carry out the functional spillover of the Ningbo metropolitan area. 

The transportation here is convenient: Shenhai Expressway and Yongtaiwen Railway pass through the area. It is within 15~30 minute-drive from Lishe Airport, South Railway Station, Yongjin Expressway and Ningbo Ring Expressway. Yonglin Line, Jiangba Line, Huxi Line, Middle Coastal Line and Sangao Connection Line constitute a smooth road network in the area.

Here, the science and technology elements are gathered. By the end of 2017, there are 143 provincial and municipal engineering and technology centers, 12 mass entrepreneurship spaces, and 5 innovative incubation and acceleration platforms. They have successively introduced a number of innovative platforms such as Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Innovation and Industrial Research Institute of Ningbo Ruiling, Advanced Energy Materials Research Institute of Ningbo Fengcheng, Zhejiang University (Ningbo) Pneumatic Industrial Technology Research Center, and Harbin Institute of Technology Ningbo Technology Transfer Center.  

Fenghua is active in industrial innovation, and has formed leading industries such as electronic information, textiles and garments, pneumatic components, kitchen and bathroom, etc. Among them, the pneumatic components occupy more than 30% of the national market, and the export volume accounts for 50% of the country. It has the only national level testing agency in the pneumatic industry in the country - National Pneumatic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. At the end of 2017, the added value of high-tech industries in the region accounted for 41.8%, and the added value of strategic emerging industries accounted for 6.7% of the industrial added value of the district. 

The ecological environment here is superior: the forest coverage rate of the whole district is 66%, and the atmospheric environment quality of more than 300 days reaches the national first-class standard in a year. The landscape area and river network are densely distributed in the core area of the large corridor, and the Mingshan and Renhu areas naturally form an ecological breathing channel across the big corridor. The superior ecological conditions are suitable for talents to live in, to innovate and start a business...

“Building the No. 3 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the whole district is a concrete practice for Fenghua to implement the strategy of strong talents and innovation-driven development, accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and also actively integrate Fenghua into the national independent innovation demonstration zone and promote scientific and technological investment." said the person in charge of the Fenghua District Committee.

With innovation underway, Fenghua is ready. In response to the trend, Fenghua has a its vision. In today's information age, resource linkage and opening and innovation have become the main forms of spatial development. In the world, the US Highway 128 and the British M4 corridor rely on regional traffic routes to become a world-renowned high-tech industry innovation cluster; in the country, regional science and technology industry innovation platforms like the “G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor” in the Yangtze River Delta, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the grand bay area of Guangzhou and others are also stepping up planning and construction - building the No. 3 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. It is a major long-term deployment for Fenghua to examine the realistic foundation and development potential of its own science and technology resources agglomeration, and to make overall plans.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Talents Office of Fenghua District Party Committee, in the future, it will become an important carrying area for a demonstration zone of the national-level production and city integration, Zhejiang Grand Bay Area Opening Innovation Experimental Zone and Ningbo National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and strive to form a coordinated innovative chain, radiation-expanded industrial chain, and diversified capital chain, create a talent-based, open integration, multi-party regional innovation system, and promote urban development quality transformation, efficiency transformation, driving force transformation, laying a solid foundation for building Fenghua into an innovative modern healthy and beautiful city.

Rendering of Qidi• Fenghua intelligent equipment (pneumatic) technology park. (Photo provided by Talents Office of Fenghua District Party Committee)

Key words

The visionary layout is followed by big development.

Less than a year after its establishment, Ningbo Ruiling Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Innovation and Industrial Research Institute has attracted a group of world-class scientists and technical experts. The innovation team has more than 80 people, covering thermal engineering, energy and environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.

In many disciplines, the domestic and international intellectual property layout of radiation refrigeration technology will be gradually completed, and the off-line ceremony of Ruiling Radiation Refrigeration Industrial Park will be held. Ningbo Fengcheng Advanced Energy Materials Research Institute also completed the design, installation and commissioning of the first small production line. The first batch of parental nanomaterial products was successfully trial-produced, and the first phase of the industrial park project has started construction.

The Mingshan Science and Technology City, where these institutes are located, is an important part of the innovative ecological chain of the Fenghua No. 3 Science and Technology Grand Corridor. It is located in Minhshan Mountain in the north and Jinhai Road in the south. The planned area is about 8 square kilometers. It plans to gather a number of leading projects such as Ruiling Cooling Film, Basalt Fiber, Fengcheng Nano and Netease Training Center, and then it is oriented towards industrialization and localization, promoting collaborative innovation in the industry and collide with the beautiful vision of “1+1>2”.

"In the future, we will focus on national functional new materials and a new generation of IT innovation highland, further strengthen technology sustainable innovation and industrial incubation, strengthen collaborative innovation in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and create Chuangzhi Silicon Island that leads the entire innovation chain and a leading industry innovation complex.” The relevant person in charge of the Fenghua District Party Committee said that it will also build a comprehensive service platform, entrepreneurship college, joint incubator, technology financial center, talent apartment, etc. The highland of "one-stop" service promotes the integration and development of the secondary and tertiary industries.

As thriving as Mingshan Science and Technology City, the five major science and technology innovation platforms in the “One-axis, Five-city and Multi-point” space pattern of the No. 3 Science and Technology Grand Corridor, and various innovative elements gather here, where the invisible hands of government and the invisible hands of the market are tightly held here, bringing together the power of innovation and development.

“Five Cities” refers to the Life Science City, Smart City of China Communication Construction, Intelligent Manufacturing City, Mingshan Science and Technology City, Binhai Low Carbon City, each having its unique characteristic and brand. They will serve as a home for talents.

Life Science City will focus on “Biomedicine” and “Health Management”, which is in contact with Ningbo's central city and actively serves the local; Smart City focuses on the deep integration of technological innovation and urban functions to create a science and technology innovation gathering area and science and technology financial insurance innovation highland which will cover fields like industry incubation, intelligent manufacturing, and science and technology innovation and culture innovation. The investment has reached about 1 billion yuan; Intelligent Manufacturing City starts from the advantages of Fenghua pneumatic industry, strengthens technology source innovation and industrial incubation; Binhai Low Carbon city makes full use of a number of major projects like BYD and Delang to form a virtuous circle of "innovation - industrialization – reinnovation."

“Multi points” includes Ningnan Science and Technology Park, Jiangkou Fashion Town, Chengxi Culture and Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Zone, Xikou Shared Economic Town, Fudan Science and Technology Park, Jinhai Road Creative Center, Shangqiao Technology Industrial Zone, Silk Road Yangfan Town and Bay Area Science and Technology Town. There are 9 innovative blocks.

When phoenix trees have been planted, phoenix will come.

On the basis of the existing "one-axis, five-city and multi-point" spatial layout, Fenghua will also focus on introducing and strengthening a number of advantageous industries, transforming and upgrading a number of pillar industries, cultivating a number of sunrise industries, and agglomerating and upgrading a number of science and technology service industries. It will strive to accelerate the construction of an industry chain led by innovation, and integrate into the global industrial chain and value core, and build the corridor into the main engine of industrial innovation drive development in Fenghua.

Rendering of Ningbo Ruiling Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Innovation and Industrial Research Institute. (Provided by Talents Office of Fenghua District Party Committee)

Key words

Big service optimizes big ecology

In terms of science and technology talents, the total number of talents will exceed 160,000; the number of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship talents will reach 7,000; the projects led by top talents such as academicians will reach more than 30; and talents of“3315 series plan”in Ningbo will be more than 100; “Fenglv Talents’ planning team (individual) will reach more than 200.

With respect to the main elements of innovation, Fenghua introduced and cultivated 200 research centers of enterprise engineering (technical) at the district level and above, and the patent authorization index of 10,000 people entered the forefront of Ningbo, introducing and cultivating 800 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivating 15 technology companies with more than 100 million yuan.

In terms of the quality of innovation and development, the level of innovation and output has been greatly improved. The added value of high-tech industries accounted for more than 45%, and the number of valid invention patents per 10,000 people reached 30...

These are the new expectations of Fenghua for the development of the “Golden Corridor” of Fenghua No. 3 Science and Technology Grand Corridor in 2022. The proposal of every data and the completion of each goal requires not only the superposition of innovation elements, but also the creation of a regional innovation ecosystem based on talent-oriented, open integration and multi-party synergy.

"At present, Fenghua has formed a ‘1+X’ talent policy system focusing on talent retention and other aspects. On this basis, we have also tailored specifically for the No.3 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor a series of supporting services such as talent introduction, technological innovation, enterprise settlement and fund provision, in the hope that entrepreneurs can enjoy more ecological dividends and better create an innovative ecological circle full of vigor and vitality.” The relevant person in charge of the Fenghua District Party Talent Office said.

Innovate institutional mechanisms to optimize existing resource allocation. Fenghua increased the proportion of financial funds used for science and technology investment, established a mechanism for the allocation of fiscal science and technology funds to innovative enterprises, and appropriately increased the proportion of indirect costs and labor costs for technology development projects involving technology transformation and industrialization in the large corridor area. At the same time Fenghua increased the incentive funds for scientific and technological research and development project personnel, and expand the use of the project fund of project units.

Revitalize existing resources and bring out “real gold and silver” for technological innovation. Fenghua will set up a special fund for science and technology, focusing on supporting the construction of technology business incubators in the corridor area, building space for talents, supporting science and technology projects and talent introduction, and supporting various technological innovations, cultural creativity, and financial support. At the same time, the implementation of the "government + society" financing service model, focusing on promoting the operation of regional innovation and venture capital funds, guiding social capital cooperation to set up the industrial trust fund of the industrial letter technology, and setting up a special venture capital fund for the large corridor to support the innovation of the No. 3 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor Venture Project.

Enterprise-oriented and support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Fenghua will speed up the construction of a transfer-transformation system that is enterprise-led, collaborative innovation of production, education and research in the large corridor, establish a one-stop public service platform, and accelerate the transformation of major technological achievements in various fields. At the same time, Fenghua will explore and organize organizational models such as “innovative team collaboration”, “dominant enterprise leadership”, “industry alliance collaboration” and “research and development entity system”, and jointly carry out technical research in the form of alliance system with upstream research institutions and enterprises and downstream application enterprises. 

It is estimated that by 2030, the Fenghua No. 3 Science and Technology Grand Corridor will form a convenient and perfect innovation chain of “makers + investment + incubation + talent + industry”, and the innovation and development capability will be significantly improved. The technology entrepreneurship system, which integrates pre-incubation, incubation, acceleration, and industrial park is more perfect, forming the main platform for the inflow of Fenghua population and the science and technology center for the gathering of innovative talents.

Look, in the south of Ningbo, a sturdy "economic belt" is poised for growth; talents, technology, capital, and services collide with each other efficiently. This place will surely become an innovative highland in the future, full of vitality and glamour.

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