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Opportunities provided for African businessmen in Ningbo
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Benin exhibitors recommend products to customers.

On the third day of the Expo, the agricultural products and handicrafts from the least developed countries such as Benin, Ethiopia and Zambia, had attracted many visitors. Merchants of Ningbo also played an active role in searching oppotunities for African friends.

The “Benin Center” is called the Benin China Economic and Trade Development Center, and is a national-level foreign aid project undertaken by Ningbo. Up to now, the Benin Center has hosted Benin (West Africa) China Commodities Fair 10 times. Enterprises of Benin actively participated in this Expo. In addition to the two booths provided by China to the least developed countries for free, they also applied for two additional booths to further open the Chinese market.

At the moment, China is using practical actions to support the LDCs to share opportunities in the Chinese market, participate in economic globalization, and work together to construct an open world economy. In Africa, for example, the vast majority of the 31 least developed countries in Africa currently enjoy zero-tariff treatment for their exports to China.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commerce Commission pointed out that under “The Belt and One” and China-Africa “Ten Major Cooperation Plan”, the economic and trade cooperation between Ningbo and Africa will be promising.

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