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Ningbo Companies attends the 5th World Internet Conference
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Wuzhen draws the world’s attention again as the 5th World Internet Conference takes place there. In this world-class internet conference, companies from Ningbo also participate, with six Ningbo companies showing up to exhibit their products.

The conference, featuring “Creating a mutually trusted and managed digital world. Toward a community with a shared future”, will last three days and reveal the major trend of future internet development.

The Light of Internet Expo has many different function areas: area of developing concept, area of comprehensive development, area of new products and new technologies, and area of digital and economic talents. It is attended by over 430 companies and institutions, including many renowned ones.

According to Ningbo Economy, Information and Technology Committee, Ningbo has two signed projects in the conference, and Ningbo Software Park, Ningbo E-commerce Innovation Park, and Ningbo Industry Internet of Things Park will present their products in the conference.

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