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Marathon race boosts development of Hangzhou Bay New Zone
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The development of a city is just like a marathon race, going forward step by step.

A marathon race route is also a record of a city, demonstrating the city’s quality and disposition, with ever-changing image and healthy vitality.

Ningbo International Marathon Race and the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, new as they are, just are working together to make progress.

The 2018 Geely Auto Ningbo International Marathon Race, held again at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, has attracted thousands of marathon runners. Within three years, the marathon race has witnessed the springing up of large industries, the building of a modern town and a well-developed economic circle in the new zone.

Since its establishment eight years ago, the new zone has achieved leap-forward economic development, playing an important role as an economic growth pole for Ningbo or even the whole province. The past three years, with he holding of Ningbo International Marathon Race, has witnessed the integration of production and urban construction at the speed of the marathon race at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone.  

It is a new start and the new opportunities have accelerated the development of the new zone, which is making great efforts to build it into a “prominent international industrial town” and a “beautiful modern bay”.

Setting off with great dreams

As the first industrial cluster zone in Zhejiang Province, the Hangzhou Bay New Zone has already obtained such titles as the national economic and technological development zone, the national export processing zone, the national demonstration zone for integration of industry and urban construction, the demonstration zone for Zhejiang-Shanghai cooperation, and the national wetland park.

Since its establishment in 2010, the new zone has given full play to its location and policy advantages to constantly expand new fields and build new carriers for its opening-up and to build the internationalized business environment, resulting in a high double-digital growth of all major economic indicators.

Industrial development being the economic support and potential point for the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, the new zone has five “great dreams”. The industrial dream is to achieve a total industrial output value of one trillion yuan and a regional GDP of 300 billion yuan in 2035, an equivalent to that of the whole Ningbo in 2009. The innovation dream is to build it into a global auto innovation center, an innovative center for medical industry, the capital of intelligent household appliances in China, a capital of makers and the “silicon valley” of Hangzhou Bay Bay, with all its innovation indicators taking the lead nationwide. The urban-construction dream is to build the people-oriented “vine city” with the TOD concept and the group layout, and to promote the transfer from industrial-urban integration to innovative elements agglomeration, thus building the new zone as a “sample town of the 21st century”. The cultural dream is to make great efforts to develop the leisure culture industry and achieve an annual tourist volume of 50 million people, with Orlando of US as a benchmark. The quality dream is to improve the satisfaction of people’s settlement as well as the sense of gain, happiness and security of the people on an overall basis, making the new zone one of the places in China to have the highest index of happiness.

Developing industries with great motivations

Over the past eight years, the new zone has introduced 361 industrial projects of various categories, with a total investment of 388.3 billion yuan, including 247 industrial projects with an investment of 181.8 billion yuan, and 114 service or other projects with an investment of 206.5 billion yuan. With the settlement of 21 Fortune Global 500 enterprises and eight enterprises from the list of the Top 500 Chinese Companies, the new zone has become one of the places with fastest development and largest development potential in Zhejiang Province, taking the lead in the provincial large platform construction.

By cultivating new industries through constant business attraction and improving development quality through industrial transformation and upgrading, the new zone has accelerated its building of the modern industrial system. With the introduction of such major whole-vehicle production enterprises as Volkswagen and Geely and the agglomeration of over 100 auto parts enterprises, the auto industry of the new zone has taken shape. At full capacity, the two whole-vehicle producers can achieve an annual whole-vehicle production volume of 1.4 million cars. Together with the output value of the new PMA electric car project of Geely with an annual volume of 300,000 cars and its supporting enterprises, the new zone will achieve a total auto output value of 400 billion yuan, building it as the “Chinese Wolfsburg”.

The Group Core Microelectronics is the first enterprise to settle down at the Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park of the new zone. As an important carrier of the “No.1 project” digital economy of Ningbo, the industrial park has so far attracted ten enterprises with intention of settlement in such intelligent terminal fields as intelligent automobile, intelligent household appliances and mobile terminal. “We plan to introduce no less than 30 intelligent terminal industrial R&D agencies and no less than 100 intelligent terminal enterprises in five years, thus build a complete intelligent terminal industrial chain and ecological chain and achieve a total intelligent terminal industrial output value of 100 billion yuan, establishing the most influential intelligent terminal industrial cluster in East China.” said a person in charge from the commanding office of the intelligent smart industrial promotion of the new zone.

The high-performance new materials industry has maintained steady development. So far there are 65 new materials enterprises at the new zone, including Xingye Xintai, Jintian and Fonne, with a total output value of 19.96 billion yuan in 2017. According to the 13th Five-year Plan of the new zone, by 2020, the new materials industry of the new zone will achieve an annual output value of 20 billion yuan.

Besides the manufacturing industry, the new zone has also made efforts to develop the culture leisure industry. By introducing such projects as Fantawild, the new zone has become the first choice as the tourist destination in Ningbo. Tourism at the new zone bloomed in the first three quarters of this year, with 4.02 million visits and a total tourism revenue of 902 million yuan, up by 3.61% and 12.75% respectively over the same period of last year.

Big industries and major projects are the pillar of the economic development of the new zone. In the first nine months, the auto industry achieved an output value of 74.64 billion yuan, up by 23.4% over the same period of last year, accounting for 66.3% of that of the large-scale industries. Among others, the Volkswagen (Shanghai) produced 274,000whole vehicles, with an output value of 44.23 billion yuan, up by 22.8%. The three fields of mobile terminal, auto terminal and household appliance terminal invested 80 million yuan in building the intelligent terminal industrial park, which introduced nine projects in 2018, including the R&D of optoelectronic integrated circuit, Guangyi Electronics Industrial Base, and Junqian sensor for new-energy motors, with a total investment of 2.92 billion yuan.

Living a happy life

Cultural elements are leading characteristics of both industrial development and tourism of the new zone. Two major tourist projects were started in September. The first is the HKCTS Cultural Town project. With a total investment of 10 billion yuan, the project, located on the northern part of the coastal new town, is a featured culture-themed town integrating natural, humanistic and innovative living styles. Based on its ecological and hot spring resources and the concept of culture cultivation and hot spring health preserving, the town will be built as a diversified, experience and leading tourist destination at the Hangzhou Bay.

The other project is the Hot Spring Town. With a total investment of nine billion yuan, based on the rich hot spring resources of the new zone and its unique location, the hot spring town will be built as a hot spring-themed urban resort complex integrating sports, healthy and innovative living styles.

Providing a good environment for people to start business and live a happy life has been the developing concept of the new zone as the only national demonstration zone for integration of production and urban construction in Ningbo.

To build the “prominent international industrial town” and a “beautiful modern bay”, the new zone will insist on its development pattern of integrating production and urban construction. To build the “sample town in the 21st century”, it will improve the production and living facilities as well as its urban functions to attract more population. “We hope to build a people-oriented sample town”, said a person in charge from the Party Working Committee of the new zone. The new zone has started the construction of the coastal new town, based on the developing concepts of walking for traffic, international ideas, urbanized production and feasible implementation. With the “group style + TOD + ecological corridor” model for the 12.8-square meter starting block, the coastal new town will be built as a sample town for China in the 21st century, with its orientation as a major national strategic platform, a new field for Shanghai-Ningbo cooperation, a demonstration zone for in-depth integration of production and urban construction, and a new international landmark in the northern area of Ningbo.

It will not be long before the new zone becomes an international, ecological and high-quality coastal new town.

As education is the biggest livelihood as well as the service support for urban construction, the new zone is attaching great importance to the quality high-end education. Recently, the Hangzhou Bay campus of Ningbo Institute of Education has been put into operation. With the first batch of 1,317 freshmen, the campus will become a new talent highland for quality kindergarten teachers. Since this September, three kindergartens have been put into use in the Century City Community, and the Binhai Primary School has opened. The attached primary school of the Century City Community, the attached primary school and kindergarten of the Hesheng Community, and the new zone campus of Ningbo Science Middle School will soon be completed and put into use. The kindergarten and primary school of the Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park and the Fotile Kindergarten are planning to be built.

For the first three quarters of this year, the new zone achieved a total GDP of 41.26 billion yuan, up by 13.6% over the same period of last year. To be specific, the industrial output value stood at 122.62 billion yuan, up by 18.1%, including 115.26 billion yuan for the larg-scale industrial enterprises, up by 16.2%; the total revenue reached 14.17 billion yuan, up by 25.5%; the investment volume on fixed assets stood at 11.99 billion yuan, up by 10.6%. A total of 32 industrial projects settled down at the new zone, with a total investment of 75.806 billion yuan, up by 111.2%, including 27 projects in the manufacturing industry, with an investment of 37.806 billion yuan, accounting for 49.9% of the total, up by 83.9% over the same period of last year.

As the birthplace of Ningbo International Marathon Race, the Hangzhou Bay New Zone is running its own “marathon” of fast development with speed and passion.

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