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Ningbo to be built as a featured software capital
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Ningbo is now working hard to accelerate its construction of the featured "software capital". According to the planning, by 2020, Ningbo will be built as a software capital based on the high-tech development zone, with a total software business income of over 100 billion yuan and an annual growth rate of over 25%, thus making the software industry a strategic pillar industry for the city’s economic development and the core driving force for the rapid development of its digital economy. Then by 2025, the industrial scale of the software and industrial internet industry will reach 500 billion yuan.

Statistics show that so far there are over 800 software and information service enterprises, including 17 enterprises with a software business income of over 100 million yuan. According to the data, in the first seven months of this year, the software and information service industry has maintained a rapid development, with a total software business income of 33.838 billion yuan, up by 17.69% over the same period of last year.

According to the plan, Ningbo will make efforts to develop the software industry, with the focus on the development of the industrial software, the embedded software and the operating system software for industrial internet. It will invest one billion yuan within five years in the building of the "software capital" to make breakthroughs in core technologies, enhance the industrial power, cultivate leading enterprises, attract software talents and optimize industrial ecology, thus constantly improving the integrated development of software and urban construction.

In line with the characteristics of the manufacturing industry, Ningbo will develop the featured software industrial clusters, develop the applied software for intelligent manufacturing by focusing on such key links as industrial product research and development, production control, production management, market circulation and sales services, and cultivate a group of industrial software service enterprises. Meanwhile, it will accelerate the IC design and testing industry, speed up the construction of the national base for RFIC, and attach importance to the applied chip design and testing of such industries as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent terminals and the Internet of Things, thus driving the application of IC in the high-end industries.

Ningbo will build the Ningbo Software Park, a domestically leading industrial park, with high standard, and strengthen the spatial carrier support for the development of the software industry. In the meantime, the coordinated enterprises will be built to enhance the independent innovation of the industry, deepen the "Internet plus" integrated application, attract software talents and optimize the industrial ecology, in the aim of strengthening information security and promoting the construction of the city to be a featured "software capital" of China.

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