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High-end health care complex to built in eastern new town
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It is learned from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources that the selling plan of land for operative use of October has been released, and 13 pieces of land will be sold, with a total area of 663.2 mu, involving Jiangbei District, Yinzhou District, Fenghua District and the eastern new town area. Among others, a 7.7-hectare land of the core area of the eastern new town will be sold, and according to the plan, a high-end health care complex integrating medical treatment and care for the elderly will be built on the land, as well as a specialized hospital.

The land, to the south of the East Baizhang Road, to the west of the South Haiyan Road, to the north of the Qingze Street and to the east of the green corridor along the Yongxin River, covers and area of 7.7468 hectares, and has the planned functions of hospital, other service facilities, urban roads, park Greenland and waters.

According to the acknowledgement of the land using plan by the Land Planning Department of the eastern new town issued in July this year, the land will be used for a high-end health care complex project. To be specific, the E-1# section will be used for other service facilities, including facilities for rehabilitation nursing, health management and other supporting functions; the E-9-a# section will be the venue for a specialized hospital; the E-9-c# and E-9-d1# sections will be used for the comprehensive health care for the elderly and other supporting facilities, with a clean vegetable grocery with an area of no less than 1,000 square meters on the E-9-c# section.

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