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Rice field landscapes attract tourists
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With the coming of autumn, the late rice has become ripe, and the rice fields make a remarkable scene together with the scenic spots. The farms and agrirtainment businesses have take the advantage to launch some harvest-themed interactive tours, which have attracted a lot of tourists from different places.

Rice terraces attracting photographers

It is learned from Ningbo Agricultural Bureau that thanks to the sunny weather recently, the single-season paddy rice has ushered in the harvest season in the mountainous areas of Fenghua District, Ninghai County and Yinzhou District.

The climate, geographical conditions and ecology of Ningbo are also ideal for the growth of paddy rice. The single-season rice is planted in the mountainous areas, while the double-season rice in the plain areas. The single-season rice is planted in May and June and will ripen for harvest in late September and early October. This year, with the pleasant weather recently, the rice has ripen earlier than usual, and the harvest is projected to be completed by this weekend.

Reportedly, the rice terraces of Ningbo distribute mainly on the mountainous area of the Tiantai Mountain in Fenghua District and Ninghai County. Every year, the rice becomes ripe around the time of the National Day holiday,and the large-scale rice terraces of such areas as the Sangzhou Town and the Huchen Township of Ninghai County, and the Dayan Town and the Xikou Town of Fenghua District will attract a large number of tourists and photographers for picture taking.

Plain rice coming to season

Besides on the picturesque rice terraces, the late rice is also planted on the plain areas.

Farmers of Cixi County and Xiangshan County have the habit of planting paddy rice on the saline-alkali soil. Large stretches of paddy rice on the saline-alkali soil can also be seen at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone.

Harvest activities held

There are also some interactive activities during the harvest season. Recently, a series of agricultural activities have attracted a lot of tourists in the Anshan Village of Hongtang Street of Jiangbei District. In the farmers' yards, the disused rice cutting tools become the source of fun for the tourists. More parents now bring their children to the activities on weekends and holidays, promoting the development of such service industries as catering.

Other interactive activities are also carried out in Yinzhou District, Ninghai County and Xiangshan County to attract more tourists.

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