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Ningbo’s Seaweed Bio-fertilizer Industrialized
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The industrialization of the seaweed functional bio-fertilizer developed by the group led by researcher Zhou Chengxu of Ningbo University was achieved, according to Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau on Jan.9th. It is a accomplishment of “integration and demonstration of seaweed functional bio-fertilizer industrial chain technology”, which is one of the key projects of 2015 national Xinghuo Plan nominated by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau and co-undertaken by Ningbo University, Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wenzhou Haifu Seaweed Farming Co., Ltd. and other institutions.

Compared with the traditional fertilizers, seaweed bio-fertilizer plays a great role in improving the quality of fruits and vegetables, enhancing plant resistance and reducing pesticide residues. As a result, the agricultural development is improved and farmers gain increase in grain yield and more income. The demonstration and promotion experiment is made by the research group of Ningbo University, finding that the experimental land with seaweed bio-fertilizer boasts 16% okra more than the normal one and each okra grown in the experimental land is 32% heavier than that of the normal one in average.

The new high-efficient seaweed farming technology is developed in the project by introducing the new type of seaweeds. At present, five demonstration bases of high-efficient seaweed farming are built in Zhejiang and Shandong, covering a land of over 3,000 mu(200 hectares). Meanwhile, many standards are set, including two enterprises standards of seaweed processing and seaweed farming, five technology standards of seaweed bio-fertilizer processing and one standard of seaweed bio-fertilizer application. The research and assessment of seaweed bio-fertilizer’s application to various crops is also conducted. Covering an area of 1,000 mu (about 66.67 hectares), two demonstration bases of green agriculture are established. Furthermore, seaweed bio-fertilizer is applied to 3,000 mu (200 hectares) of land.

The sales of demonstration enterprises of seaweed bio-fertilizer has totaled RMB 135.76 million up to now, of which the profit has reached RMB 23.37 million. Over 260 new jobs have increased and farmers’ income has increased RMB 8.08 million.

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