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In "13th Five-Year Plan" 25 Quality Roads to be Built in Central Ningbo
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Jan. 9th afternoon, Ningbo Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced that in the "13th Five-Year Plan", central Ningbo is going to focus on the traffic of "Sanjiang" core area and urban expressways and to build rail transit roads and connecting roads for important functional areas, constructing 25 quality roads in total.

In order to highlight the quality construction of Sanjiang core area, Ningbo puts emphasis on the quality growth of street blocks, carries out the implementation of 4 street blocks including Jiefang Road, Daqing South Road-People Road, Shuguang Road and Yaohang Street-Baizhang Road and makes the old downtown rich in cultural characteristics.

Construct quality corridor of urban expressway networks. According to the landscape construction concepts of municipal facilities, with focus on the entrance and exit landscape of traffic arteries, Ningbo government builds on the three-dimensional elevated landscape and ecological corridors of five urban expressways including airport expressways, North Outer Ring Road, South Ring Road, East Outer Ring Road, with an aim to establish comfortable, beautiful green traffic corridors.

Construct the artery quality landscape system. Ningbo government carries out the road renovation of eight horizontal roads including Ningzhen Road, Dazha Road, Zhongshan Road, Baizhang East Road, Changchun Road - Lingqiao Road - Xingning Road, Cypress Road-Pine Road, Siming Road, Yinxian Avenue and eight longitudinal roads including Wangtong North Road-Xuejia Road, YOUNGOR Road, Yinfeng Road, Yong River Road, Jiangdong North Road, Ningnan Road, Jiangnan Road, Zhongxing Road, Sea road, Academician Road and Fuqing Road. 

Among the 25 quality roads, a total of 9 are connected with rail traffic renovation project: Zhongshan Road (Airport Road, Century Avenue), Jiefang Road and its street block, Ningzhen Road, Jiangnan Road-Zhongxing Road, Cypress Road-Pine Road, Changchun road - Ling Bridge Road - Xingning Road, Yinxian Avenue, YOUNGOR Road and Sea road. Among them, the comprehensive renovation project Zhongshan Road (Airport Road, Century Avenue) and Jiefang Road has finished. The other 7 roads will be renovated from 2018 to 2022.

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