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Here Comes Era of “Sharing Agricultural Machinery”
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Here comes the era of “sharing agricultural machinery”. Recently, Xiangshan Service Centre of Agricultural Machinery is established, providing farmers of the town with integrated services of the agricultural machinery industry covering operation, maintenance and renting.

Located in the economic development zone of Qianao Village, Juexi Neighborhood, Xiangshan Service Centre of Agricultural Machinery plays a key role in building the new social service system of agricultural machinery. It is supported by Longyijia Modern Agricultural Service Co., Ltd. co-built by such three leading agricultural enterprises of Xiangshan as Fengrun, Lvfeng and Jiahe.

At present, the service centre boasts not only the traditional rice transplanters, rotary cultivators and harvesters, but also such new-type agricultural machinery as high-temperature sterilization machines, stalk-bundling machines and self-propelled spraying machines. Meanwhile, it will offer farms more comprehensive and professional services in aspects covering operating scope, supply market and maintenance.

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