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Nordic and Baltic officials, along with Chinese entrepreneurs, expect future cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative
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Parliament leaders from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, who are on a joint visit to China, held a dialogue with young Chinese entrepreneurs on Wednesday in Beijing. During the meeting, both sides expressed willingness to promote more cooperative opportunities under the China-proposed Initiative.

Chinese businessmen applauded the initiative, showing confidence in future collaboration with the Nordic-Baltic region within the framework.

A dialogue is held between the Nordic-Baltic speakers of Parliament and young Chinese entrepreneurs in Beijing, January 10, 2018. [Photo: youth.cn]

A dialogue is held between the Nordic-Baltic speakers of Parliament and young Chinese entrepreneurs in Beijing, January 10, 2018. [Photo: youth.cn]

Yu Tengqun, general legal advisor of China Railway Group, said that his company is a major player in infrastructure construction of the Belt and Road, and has started business with 27 countries and regions along the route.

He described the Nordic and Baltic countries as of great significance in integrating the Belt and Road Initiative into the European economic circle, citing the region as a historic intersection of the ancient "Silk Road" and the "Amber Road."

"We believe in the broad, promising prospect of cooperation between us and the Nordic and Baltic countries. We've just signed an over 10-million-dollar deal with a Swedish company, and are now closely tracking opportunities in the region, including a highway express in the eastern part of Sweden. We hope that all these projects can be fruitful and bring benefit to both sides," said Yu.

Yu says the Belt and Road will bring broader cooperation and more interwoven mutual interests to Nordic-Baltic countries and China.

His words were echoed by Wang Wei, vice president of Yili Industry Group, a famous Chinese dairy company.

"The Belt and Road creates more opportunities for countries along the route, not only in commercially promoting investment, stimulating consumption and boosting regional economic development. But it is connecting all countries together thus forming a large integrated market, which is good news for the entire dairy industry," said Wang.

Wang regarded the Nordic and Baltic region's advanced livestock husbandry, food and industrial sectors as major attractions.

Delegates from the Nordic and Baltic countries also spoke highly of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative.

Finland's Speaker of Parliament Maria Lohela regarded the initiative as a "wonderful" idea.

Inara Murniece, Latvia's Speaker of Parliament, said the Belt and Road Initiative is a "priority" in her country as well.

According to her, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are of great significance as the three countries are located where the ancient "Silk Road" meets with the European "Amber Road."

She calls for joint efforts from both sides to take advantage of the "Big Road."

Viktoras Pranckietis, speaker from Lithuania, also encourages Chinese entrepreneurs to fully use the Belt and Road Initiative and find opportunities.

Proposed by China in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative aims to build trade and infrastructure networks connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the ancient Silk Road trade routes to seek common development and prosperity.

86 countries and international organizations are said to have signed 100 cooperation agreements with China under the initiative, according to China's top economic planner.

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