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New release of 2017 ningbo tourism festival
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Hosted by Ningbo government and Zhejiang bureau of tourism, 2017 Ningbo tourism festival will be held form September 1 to November 3.

The festival this years is consisted of the following four sectors: improve living standard, promoting consumption, developing service industry and enhancing city image.

Ⅰ. Improve living standard

First, to hold Ningbo International Tourism Exhibition. It will be held in the NO.7 and NO.8 exhibition hall of International Convention & Exhibition Center, from September 1 to September 3, with a total area of 20,000 square meters and 800 booths, of which over 80% are in special design. It is expected that more than 100,000 people will participate in the exhibition. And over 100 local tourism enterprises focus on online promotion with over 500 promotional products. This combination of online and offline activities enables the exhibition more interactive and influential, and better benefit people.

Second, to hold Citizen Tourism Day”. Citizen Tourism Day has enjoyed great popularity among the traditional activities of every Tourism Festival. This year, it will be held in mid-October when special activities that benefit people will be arranged by local tourism enterprises and tourist administration at county (prefecture level cities) and districts level will organize regional inter-tourism.

Third, to open Love Travel Express Passage. It can be considered as the largest people-benefiting tourism activity organized for specific groups ever in Ningbo.

Ⅱ. Promiting consumption

Firstly, enlarging the social festival effect, as it has been an important carrier to promote the transformation and upgrading of various industries and elements, and improve the tourism development of all aspects. These social events will run through the golden week and the entire autumn tourism season, covering all elements of the tourism, including entertainment, sports, food, vacation, music, rural tourism, etc. The wonderful tourism atmosphere it created makes many people find out the light-spot of homeland.

Secondly, holding the 2017 Ningbo prize tourism promotion conference. In the beginning of the November, the annual Ningbo prize tourism promotion conference will be held to invite tourism purchasing agents having business negotiation with local tourism enterprises, make theme training for Ningbo workers, organize buyers having deep experience on prize resources and so on. All of these will encourage companies to develop a prize tourism market and support the development of Ningbo hotel industries.

Ⅲ. Developing Service Industry

First, the "Zhenhai Cup" 2017 Ningbo tourist guide competition is to hold. The biennial Ningbo tour guide contest will be held on October 18th -20th in Kaiyuan Resort in Ningbo Jiulong Lake. It is aimed to set up and enhance the industry image in quality in order to promote the construction of spiritual civilization and improve service skills as competition facilitates learning and training.


The second is to host the 2017 Meishan summit—“The Belt and Road” international resort summit forum, focused on the marine tourism industry, "The Belt and Road" national strategy, Meishan "The Belt and Road" international resort creation "and other hot topics in light of Ningbo brand influence and international connections. Experts and scholars are to participate in the discussion.


Ⅳ.  Enhancing city image

The first event is the Ningbo Story promotion buffet. On the evening of September 1st, the promotion buffet is going to enhance the Ningbo city tourism image promotion in the vivid performance to initiate the annual tourism festival.

Second, "2017 Stars Reading" will be introduced in Ningbo. The high-profile anchors in the “Voice of Zhejiang” radio station will lead the audience to a self-driving tour. Anchors and self-driving listeners will jointly take part in the "Stars Reading". The most beautiful languages and the most amazing emotions are shared in the most gorgeous mountains and rivers in Ningbo.

The third is the closing ceremony of the 2017 Ningbo tourism festival. The closing ceremony of the festival will continue to follow the pattern of previous years in cooperation with the Overseas Chinese City to host- “Future 2020” Ningbo city tourism promotion evening party.

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