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Cross-border e-commerce pilot of Meishan Port blooms
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It is learned from Meishan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that by September 6, the cross-border e-commerce volume of the cross-border e-commerce park of Meishan Bonded Port has exceeded 300 million yuan, with a total of 1.989 deals. From January to August 2017, the cross-border e-commerce turnover of Meishan Port stood at 172 million yuan in 1.2016 deals, up by 156.72% and 269.49% respectively over the same period of last year. All the data show that the cross-border e-commerce pilot of the port has undergone rapid growth so far. 

To promote the cross-border e-commerce transaction, the inspection and quarantine bureau of Meishan Port has conducted in-depth inspections to the e-commerce enterprises and storage businesses of the cross-border e-commerce park, actively encouraged the e-commerce enterprises to upgrade their storage and logistics, and carried out the supervision pattern of “public warehousing plus private warehousing”. Meanwhile, it has made innovations to its services and implemented the new inspection and quarantine supervision pattern of “one idea, four links, three objective and six rules”, thus successfully transferring the supervision focus from commodities to enterprises. Based on the inspection and quarantine supervision system, it has achieved the digitalized management of the whole process, which makes possible the traceability of the commodities, improves the operation efficiency of the cross-border e-commerce businesses and further enhances the convenience level of the cross-border e-commerce trade of the Meishan Bonded Port. 

Statistics show that at present there are 19 registered e-commerce enterprises, 49 registered stores, 10 registered transportation enterprises, and six signed storage enterprises at the Cross-border E-commerce Park of Meishan Bonded Port. With a total supervision area of 32,000 square meters, the park has set up a 1200-square meter examination area for cross-border e-commerce trade, which has a supervision pattern of “unified examination, unified supervision and unified clearance”.

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