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Prosperous Future
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According to the planning, by 2020, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port will be built as a globally first-class modern hub, with a cargo throughput of one billion tons, strengthening its status as the biggest port in the world. With over 250 container shipping routes and the container throughput of 26 million TEUs, the port will become a major global container trunk line port. The port shipping will be more reasonable and efficient with the accelerated development of the river-sea coordinated transport and the river-rail coordinated transport. The electricity coverage of the public wharfs will exceed 60%, and the average energy consumption of the port production will continue to decrease.

The port will be built as a globally first-class shipping service base. The marine transport capacity of the province will reach 22 million tons, and the port will be built as an important bonded fuel supply and ship LNG filling base. The annual shipping e-commerce turnover will exceed 50 billion yuan, the ship trade volume will reach six billion yuan, and the shipping insurance volume will reach six billion yuan. The container index of the maritime silk road will enjoy a greater global influence. Based on the national Beidou Monitoring Center, the port will build a data center and cloud service platform for the river-sea coordinated transport to improve the information and data service system and realize the integration of the security, administration and services of the Meidou Monitoring System.

It will be built as a globally first-class bulk commodity storage, trade and processing base. The storage capacity for the bulk commodity will continue to increase with an added oil reserve of over 10 million cubic meters. The international settlement and bonded delivery will be improved and the bulk commodity turnover of the port will reach 5 trillion yuan. The construction of the regional distribution center (in the Asian-Pacific region) of such commodities as the iron ore will be accelerated. The port will become a major oil refining base, and the first phase of the Zhoushan International Green Petrochemical Base will be completed. The port will also be built as a major grain & oil distribution, trade and processing base at the Yangtze River Economic Belt area.

The Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Group will become a globally first-class port operation group. Zhejiang Provincial Seaport Investment & Operation Group serves as the major platform for the provincial marine ports’ investment and operation, resulting in the integrated exploitation and operation of the seaport resources of the province. The industrial layout and market development along the Yangtze River area have been expanded with significant achievements, and great breakthroughs have been made in the investment, development and management of the international port projects, enabling the group to become a globally first-class port operation group.

The above four “first-class constructions” will actively promote the port construction and marine economy development of the whole province. By 2020, 51 new 10,000-ton (and above) berths will be built in Zhejiang Province (including eight 200,000-ton and above berths), and the cargo throughput will reach 1.25 billion tons, including 29 million or even 30 million TEUs for the container throughput. The modern and integrated marine port administration system will take shape, and the development of the land-sea coordinated transport and the port-production-city integration will be accelerated. The proportion of the total output value of the marine production against the provincial GDP will be further increased, and the radiation capacity of the port economic circle will witness significant promotion.

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