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Port Service
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Piloting organization may provide piloting service for all types of vessels under normal condition and may monitor the whole process of piloting.


Water transportation service

Ningbo Vessel Traffic System Center (hereinafter called “VTS Center”) will provide traffic service through the local port safety information broadcasting based on the actual situation of traffic in the port. VTS Center may also provide on demand information about hydrological and meteorological conditions, piloting and anchorages, navigation channel conditions and other water traffic service.

Ship agency, freight forwarding and tally service

The port may undertake related work for carrier, passengers, consignors and consignees.


Ship purveying

The port may supply fuel oil, lubricant, freshwater, food, cigarettes, beverage, marine store, ballast material, ship spare parts, oil booms, chemical products and so on to vessels entering or leaving Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.


Reception of international seamen

The port may provide international seamen with service in health, shopping, meals, sightseeing and telecommunication.


Ship building and repair service

The port may provide ship building and repair service, with maximum ship building capacity at 100,000 tonnage. The ship repair crew may provide professional en route repair service.

Maintenance of live saving appliances and fire equipment

The port may provide the following services: maintenance overhaul of inflatable life saving appliances; refilling, test and maintenance of marine portable fire extinguishers and marine transportable fire extinguishers; weighing, refilling and pipeline blow-through of marine fixed CO2, foam, dry powder and inert gas fire extinguishing system; steel cylinder hydrostatic test, air respirator test and refilling.


Marine operation service

The port may provide service in respect of vessels approaching or leaving the moorings, cargo handling, tugging and towing, hoisting, binding, lightering and towing of extra-size cargo as well as mooring and unmooring of vessels.


Rescue and salvaging at sea

Ningbo Maritime Search and Rescue Center (special phone 0574-12395) may provide life saving service for endangered vessels, marine facilities or aircrafts within the territorial waters of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

Donghai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Communications ( special phone 0574-860699999) may provide life saving, marine fire fighting, rescue and salving and other services for distressed vessels, facilities or aircrafts in Ningbo-Zhoushan Port or within a water area 50km from the port.

Treatment of oily water and chemical wastewater

The port may receive and treat oily water and chemical wastewater for vessels. They include residual oil, greasy filth, oily water and chemical wastewater.


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