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Resource Superiority
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Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is a deepwater port, with good navigable conditions, navigable for over 350 days in one year. It can harbor 300,000-ton vessels all year round and 400,000-ton vessels at the time of ebb and flow; it handles the biggest number of vessels over 100,000 tons in China. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port consists of 19 ports in Beilun, Yangshan, Liuheng, Qushan, Chuanshan, Jintang, Daxie, Cengang, Meishan, Shengsi, Daishan, Zhenhai, Baiquan, Maidai, Dinghai, Shipu, Xiangshan, Yongjiang and Shenjiamen, with 150 deep water berth areas for 10,000-ton vessels, 89 for 50,000-ton vessels; The number of its large deep water berth areas comes first in China.

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