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World's Largest Oil Tanker Completed Its "Marine Declaration" in Ningbo
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On August 4th, the world's largest oil tanker "TI Europe" made a declaration to Ningbo Customs when 260,000 tons of Oman crude oil and 110,000 tons of Saudi intermediate oil were transported to Daxie port. The Ningbo Customs wasted no time to open the “Green Channel” and quickly completed customs procedures for the cargo.

"Marine declaration" refers to a facilitation measure for customs clearance in Ningbo customs. Enterprises can declare to the customs before the goods arrive at the port. Specifically, when import and export enterprises get the cargo lists or inventories and identified the name, specification and quantity of the goods, they can deal with the customs procedures within three days before the cargo arrives at the customs supervision zone or at the port. The goods can be released quickly by sending a tally report to the customs office after they are actually in port.

"Because of the huge quantities of imports, we are very concerned about the speed of customs clearance.  "Maritime declaration" makes it possible to go through logistics process and customs clearance process at the same time rather than to finish one after another. It can effectively save the tanker berthing time, which reduces a lot of cost for enterprises." a customs manager from UNIPEC said


"On the basis of full respect for enterprise logistics requirements, customs clearance operations are arranged in advance, which not only achieves “No-wait”, but also shifts the supervision work forward and makes risk-controlling work effective." The head of the import section of the Ningbo Customs office said.

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