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Ningbo Citizen Fitness Month: Over One Hundred Entered the Competition of Rock Climbing
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On July 15th, the 2017 monthly competition of Ningbo Lets Move Fitness Month and the rockplus” rock climbing competition was held in the rockplus climbing gym in Ningbo Wuyi Square. Over one hundred climbing lovers from cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Ningbo and so on showed their excellent skills of walking on walls.


The contestants included more than 20 teenagers from Ningbo, Jiaxing, and Taizhou. Among these teenagers, the children from the rock climbing team of Yinzhou District Experimental Primary School, who were the main force of the youth team of Ningbo, gave a excellent performance: Li Wei won the men’s lead-climbing championship of the youth group with his time of 58 seconds. Dong Chengchao and Li Guojie won the second place and the third place respectively. And Zhang Wangshuo, the youngest second grade primary school student, ranked fifth. Besides, Liu Shiyu, with her time of one minute and 46 seconds, was the champion of womens lead-climbing of the youth group. Her teammate Wang Jiayou won the second place. After watching the competitions of the youth group, Wang Baoyou, the assistant coach of the National Climbing Team, felt very glad and surprised at the rock climbing skills of Ningbo teenagers.


The rock climbing of the adult group attracted many master climbers in the country, including those high-level amateurs and the top three professional contestants of the National Championship. And there were also rock climbing amateurs from foreign countries such as Poland and Japan. Eventually, it was Pang Liping from Hebei Province who won the championship of mens rock climbing. And Euler, a girl from Poland, won the first place of womens rock climbing.

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