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National Intelligent Car Race: Zhejiang Division Qualification Trial Held in Ningbo
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On July 14th and 15th, the selection match in Zhejiang area of the 12th “NXP Cup” National University Students Intelligent Car Race was held in the gymnasium of Ningbo University of Technology. This race was organized by Zhejiang Province Undergraduate Science and Technology Competition Committee and was undertaken by Ningbo University of Technology and Hangzhou Dianzi University. Teachers and students from 43 colleges and universities of Zhejiang Province, all together over 800 in 252 teams, participated in the race. So this race has witnessed the largest number of teams participated and has been the biggest one compared with all previous races.

With we should base ourselves on cultivation, foster a sense of participation, encourage exploration, and strive for excellence” as guiding principles, National University Students Intelligent Car Race is an exploratory engineering practice oriented to university students. In this race, university students are expected to make an intelligent model car that can run autonomously on a particular track and has superior performance. Dealing with such complex engineering problems in the race aims at stimulating the interest and potential of university students to be engaged in engineering development and scientific researches.

The race is divided into two parts: competitions for speed and creativity respectively. The competition for speed consists of three main categories and six groups. The photoelectricity category includes photoelectric four-wheel group and photoelectric upright group; the electromagnetic category includes normal electromagnetic group and electromagnetic energy-saving group; and the chasing category is composed of photoelectric chasing group and electromagnetic chasing group. The competition for creativity is divided into two groups: double-car confrontation group and the four-rotor navigation group.

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