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Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs
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Address: 265 Yucai Road, Ningbo
Post code: 315000
Telephone: 0574-87228484
Fax: 0574-87225078
Website: http://www.nbmz.gov.cn/


1. To carry out the state and provincial laws, regulations and policies of civil affairs; make development and work plans for the civil affairs of the city, and organize the implementation of these plans; guide the grass-root civil affairs organizations.

2. To administer the registration and management of the city-level associations, associations concerning foreign affairs, and private organizations other than enterprises; supervise the non-government institutions, and protect these institutions' legal rights and investigate and prosecute their illegal practice.

3. To be responsible for the favorable treatment of the servicemen and their families and for the compensation of the families of the deceased servicemen; examine and verify the grades of disability of the servicemen; be responsible for the approval of the title of martyrs.

4. To organize and guide the work of “government supporting the army and giving preferential treatment to the families of the servicemen and martyrs, and army supporting the government and loving the people”, and take charge of the daily work of the office concerned.

5. To be responsible for the settlement and administration of the demobilized soldiers, retired army officers, and retired or resigned non-commissioned workers; guide the construction and administration of the military food supply stations, army provision stations, and the rest homes of the veterans and retired officers.

6. To organize and coordinate the work of disaster relief, check and report disasters, and take charge of the reception, management and distribution of the supplies for disaster relief; guide the disaster victims in their post-disaster living and self-help relief; organize the donations of clothing to the poverty- stricken areas.

7. To administer the social relief of the city; guide and supervise the establishment and implementation of the system of subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents; guide the work of the “five guarantees system” and homes for the aged in rural areas.

8. To guide the work of the urban-rural political power organizations and the mass autonomous organizations at the grass-root level; promote the community construction and guide the work of community services.

9. To undertake the work concerning administrative division; be responsible for the modification and management of the administrative division borderlines; investigate and treat disputes on administrative division borders; take charge of the administration for placenames of the city.

10. To be responsible for the administration and protection of the aged, handicapped, orphaned and other people in need; guide the construction and administration of social welfare services.

11. To guide the aid and management of the urban tramps and beggars.

12. To be responsible for marriage registration, and registration of Chinese-foreign marriages.

13. To be responsible for the registration of child adoption.

14. To take charge of the funeral and interment work, and carry out the funeral and interment reform.

15. To be responsible for the administration of the social welfare enterprises and the protection of the rights of the workers with disabilities.

16. To be responsible for the settlement and aid of the migrants from large-scale reservoir and power station areas in Zhejiang Province.

17. To be responsible for the issue of social welfare lotteries and the administration of the welfare funds in the city.

18. To be responsible for the finance and statistics of the civil affairs, and guide and supervise the uses of funds for civil affairs.

19. To undertake the daily work of the Municipal Office for the Aged.

20. To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.

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