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“Digital Jiangbei” in Operation
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According to the related ministries of Jiangbei, the “Digital Jiangbei” went into operation on 17th. People can search the platform and get data by installing cellphone APP, logging to official websites, etc. 

In the big data era, the analyzing of big data can explain many things correctly. However, all kinds of data is intersected and the data of different units is dispersed, making it difficult to have a efficient data utilization and support a convenient data service all the time. Therefore, the Jiangbei Statistic Bureau started the “Digital Jiangbei” project in April 2016. Based on the statistics of Jiangbei Statistic Bureau, the project covers more than 100 inspection indicators in all aspects. The system consists of “data sharing center”, “data acquisition and analysis system”, “minister data interface”, “unified data platform” and “mobile client”. Since its test run in 2016, the system has collected thousands of data and supported the data dissemination, utilization, analysis and warning of the whole city.

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