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Zhenhai Harbor Area
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Zhenhai Harbor Area is located on the north bank of the Yongjiang River mouth. It is an estuary harbor which covers an area of 4,900,000 square meters with the length of utilizable coastline being 3,683 meters. Currently it boasts 20 berths, including seven 10,000-tonnage berths and one 50,000-tonnage berth. This harbor area, whose waterway is able to accommodate up to 50,000-tonnage ships, is mainly involved in loading and unloading coals, liquid chemicals, domestic trade containers and bulk goods. It now has an annual coal handling capacity of 4.5 million tons. Besides, there are two 3,000-tonnage passenger ferries in Zhenhai Harbor Area. 
Capable of docking the world's largest bulk chemical ships nowadays, the 50,000-tonnage specialized liquid chemical berth is presently the China mainland's largest chemical berth along the coastline. The chemical berth has caught much attention of domestic and overseas clients since it started operation. Many business people from Japan, Holland, Germany, Norway, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions have invested here in building liquid chemical warehousing system. It is able to handle more than 70 varieties of liquid chemicals such as benzene, alcohol, ketone and ester with a handling capacity of 3 million tons. It is by far a liquid chemical distribution center that can handle the greatest varieties of liquid products with an efficiency unparalleled in China's mainland.

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