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Yellow Croaker with Rassica Juncea
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Yellow croaker with rassica juncea is a famous local dish of Ningbo.

To make the dish, you need to take the owing steps:

Cut a few openings on the back of the fish.

Cut salted brassica juncea leaves into little pieces and slice some winter bamboo shoots.

Fry the fish till the two sides turn yellow and then add some yellow wine.

Simmer the fish in a cover pot for a few minutes.

Add water, ginger, the brassica juncea, the bamboo shoots, salt, etc.

Boil it with big fire and then simmer it with low fire for a few minutes, till the soup turns milky. Then onion powder is added.

Yellow croaker with rassica juncea is crisp, fresh, nutritious and yummy. It is a most favorite dish among locals. 

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