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Xikou Qianceng Cookies
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Xikou Qianceng Cookie is a traditional snack of Xikou, Fenghua, the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek. It is square, with 27 layers, of golden color tinted with green. It is crisp, sweet, a bit salty and has been popular among consumers. 

The history of Qianceng cookies is about 100 years. Legend has it that a local named Wang Maolong started to make the cookie in Xikou in 1882. Later on, his brother added some sea sedge powder to the recipe, which made it more delicious. Ever since, the recipe of sea sedge became widespread soon.

The cookies are made of choice materials: quality flour, refined and unboiled oil, sesame, sugar and sea sedge powder. In making it, 12 steps are needed, like mixing, steaming, filling, layer-making, baking and packing, etc. Each cookie, of 1.5 cm in thickness, has 27 layers, making the cookie crisp, sweet and delicious. The cookies have won some national and provincial awards for famous special local products.

As a famous local snack, the Qianceng cookie is most favored by tourists and the natives residing overseas. It is not only popular in east Zhejiang, but also in Japan, Southeast Asian countries, Hong Kong and other lands.


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