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Qingkuai and Mazi
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Qingkuai and mazi are snacks popular during the Qingming Festival (around April 5).

Qingkuai, also called green dumpling, is made of glutinous rice flour and folium artemisiae argyi (FAA) leaves. As FAA is fragrant, the Qingkuai with that gives off a special fragrant flavor. When making, the steamed glutinous powder is rubbed repeatedly and made smooth and moderate in hardness and uniform in color, then it is turned into a long bar-shaped dough, and cut into small chunks, then bean paste or soybean paste in put into the chunks, which is rubbed into green balls and steamed for a few minutes. Before taken for food, it is applied with sesame oil. Qingkuai is fresh green, soft, glutinous and fragrant,  It is a traditional food for the Qingming Festival.

A legend goes that in ancient times, people used to have tails of ten sections. When nine sections of the tail turned yellow, people knew they were to die. One man with nine yellow sections of tail went to the mountain, dug a whole, climbed into the whole and waited for death. Before death, he covered himself with a layer of mazi, on it spread pine flowers. When he was hungry, he bit a monthful of Mazi. But he did not die until he was over 100 years. People found that he lived longer because he ate something special, so people the Mazi left by him. Then when people went to visit tombs of their relatives, they ate Mazi. It graduallybecame a custom.



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