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Beilun Harbor Area
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Beilun Harbor Area, an excellent deep-water seaport, is situated on the east bank of the Yongjiang River mouth and the south bank of Jintang Waterway. It starts from Changtiaozui Light Beacon at the estuary of the Yongjiang River in the west and gets to Chuanshan passenger ferry in Chaiqiao Town in the east. The whole harbor reach covers an area of 150 sq.km.
The water depth within Beilun Harbor Area exceeds 50 meters for the most part. The narrowest part of the waterway is over 700 meters wide. 250,000-tonnage heavily loaded ocean-going vessels can freely navigate on the waterway, and 300,000-tonnage vessels may enter or leave at high tide. The area applicable for anchoring and berthing operations being 34 sq.km., the vast expanse of waters is capable of accommodating approximately 300 over-10,000-tonnage ships at the same time. Jintang Island, Daxie Island and Dahuangmang Island respectively stand on the east, west and south, which serve as the natural shelter of the harbor area. As a result, there are relatively light waves even with strong typhoons roaring and the harbor 's workdays number above 340 a year. Along the long and smooth coastline, you can expect steep slope, deep water and smooth current. The harbor area, situated near the intersection of China's north-south sea route and the the Yangtze River, neighbors the city of Shanghai, only 70 sea miles away from the mouth of the Yangtze River. Boasting a nearly equidistant water transport network with Tianjin, Kobe, Osaka, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong and Wuhan, it is easily accessible to major domestic and international ports as a deep-water port. 
Along the 120 kilometers or more deep-water coastline of Beilun Harbor Area, 285 productive berths including 152 deep-water berths can be constructed. Up to now, 27 deep-water berths have been constructed and brought into operation, including the 100,000-tonnage and 200,000-tonnage ore transshipment berths (the 200,000-tonnage berth is able to receive 300,000-tonnage oversize cargo carriers), a 250,000-tonnage crude oil jetty, 80,000-tonnage international container berths, specialized coal berths and multi-purpose berths. Nowadays, Beilun Harbor Area has been developed into a comprehensive deep-water port and a large berth group comprised of a good many deepwater berths.
In Beilun Harbor Area, the 100,000-tonnage and 200,000-tonnage ore transshipment berths are equipped with four boom type ship unloaders, with each crane handling 2,100 tons per hour. The three 25,000-tonnage ore loading berths are equipped with three mobile ship loaders, with each crane handling 4,200 tons per hour. There are four bucket-wheel stacker reclaimers on the ore yard; and the ore unloading berths and ore loading berths are linked to the ore yard with two 1.6m-wide fixed type belt conveyors. All the loading/unloading operations are under the control of the central control room. The area of the ore storage yard totals 296,100 sq.m. with an overall capacity of 3 million tons and an annual iron ore handling capacity exceeding 30 million tons, which can satisfy the demand for dealing with international bulk transshipment operations. Beilun iron ore jetty is presently the largest iron ore import transshipment base in China.
The 900-meter international container berth built and put into use in 1992 can berth fourth/fifth generation large container ships. Presently, the jetty is equipped with 8 large bridge type container cranes, and the 330,000 sq.m. container stockyard is equipped with container trucks and special container machinery such as 20 tire gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of over 46 tons each. The annual container handling capacity amounts to 1 million TEU.
The berth of Beilun No. 2 Container Company is 1,238 meters long and over 15 meters deep at dock apron. Presently, the berth is equipped with 8 quayside container cranes, each of which has a lifting capacity of 60 tons and a 60-meter outreach, 24 tire gantry cranes and 60 container trucks. The annual container handling capacity may reach 1 million TEU. It can berth the fifth/sixth generation container ships.
Up to now, the coal receiving and unloading capacity in Beilun Harbor Area has exceeded 10 million tons, and the crude oil and product oil handling capacity totals over 30 million tons. The vast deep-water anchorage ground in the harbor as well as its outstanding geographical location makes it an ideal place for dealing with international container transshipment, offshore crude oil lightering, bulk cargo transportation and chemical fertilizer transshipment.

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