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Pan Tianshou
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Pan Tianshou (1897-1971), formerly named Tianshou, also named Dayi and Shouzhe, was a native of Ninghai County, Ningbo. Pan Dapin, Tianshou's father, was a scholar that passed the county-level examination at the end of the Qing Dynasty. Tianshou loved painting from a very early age, and many of his paintings in his later years were inscribed "By Shouzhe of Mount Leipotou" at the bottom. Mount Leipotou is a mountain in his hometown.

Mount Leipotou is about 4 kilometers away from Guanzhuang Village, with elevation of over 400 meters above sea level. It was said that it got its name because a Grandma Lei once subdued a genie here. A forest of stones in various shapes, as if being cut by knives and axes, is on the top of Mount Leipotou. Looking from afar, the stones are like cockscombs, or like the heads of lions, lofty and spectacular. At the foot of Mount Leipotou, there was a piece of hilly land owned by the Pan's. In his childhood, Pan Tianshou often worked on his family