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Foreign trade starts off well in Ningbo
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It is learned from Ningbo Customs that in January 2017 Ningbo achieved a total import and export volume of 61.2 billion yuan, up by 26.1% over the same period of last year. To be specific, the import volume stood at 19.21 billion yuan, up by 50.5%, while the export volume stood at 41.99 billion yuan, up by 17.4%, with the trade surplus hitting 22.78 billion yuan.
As the "stabilizer" for foreign trade, the private enterprises have demonstrated a strong import and export advantage. In January, the import and export volume of private enterprises reached 38.16 billion yuan, up by 23.9% over the same period of last year, accounting for 62.4% of the total. With the import volume of 29 billion yuan and the export volume of 9.16 billion yuan, up by 18.5% and 45%, the trade surplus stood at 19.84 billion yuan. The top three trade partners of the private enterprises are the EU, the US and ASEAN, with the import and export volume of 9.25 billion yuan, 6.83 billion yuan and 3.06 billion yuan, up by 11.7%, 24.4% and 17.9% respectively, accounting for 50.2% of the total volume. The major imports include the primary plastics, waste metal and iron ore, while the major exports are mechanical & electrical products and the traditional labor-intensive products.
The import and export volume to the major trade partners has grown dramatically. Among others, the import and export volume to the EU reached 13.12 billion yuan, up by 13.1%; that to the US reached 11.3 billion yuan, up by 26.8%; and that to ASEAN reached 5.06 billion yuan, up by 35.1%. It is also worth noticing that the import and export volume to Japan, Australia and South Korea stood at 3.58 billion yuan, 3.34 billion yuan and 3.14 billion yuan, up by 28.5%, 60% and 46.7% respectively.
In terms of commodity category, the mechanical and electrical products took the lead in export and the imports of bulk commodity increased. In export, the mechanical and electrical products ranked No.1 with the export volume of 22.65 billion yuan, up by 18%, accounting for 53.9% of the total export. Specifically speaking, the export volume of household appliances and electronic products stood at 7.12 billion yuan, ranking No.1, up by 12.6%. Then came the machinery equipment with the export volume of 6.32 billion yuan, up by 16.3%. The export of other metal products, transport tools and instruments & meters also continued to grow. In import, in January, Ningbo imported 3.892 million tons of iron ore, up by 22.2%; 731,000 tons of coal and lignite, up by 460%; 490,000 tons of product oil, up by 580%; and 251,000 tons of primary plastics, up by 13.2%.


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