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Human resources and social security services enter communities
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It is learned from Ningbo Employment Management Service Bureau that the new multi-functional machines are stepping into the communities after its coverage of all the 154 streets and townships of the city. In October, the machines will be installed in 100 communities (or villages), and by the beginning of 2018, the total number will reach 500. Thus, the citizens can receive a lot of services in their own communities, including social security, employment, starting businesses, and labor relations.

As is known, the multi-functional machine for human resources and social security services is a machine providing services for social security, employment and business starting with 50 functions, including 12 operation items and 38 enquiry ones, covering such five modules as social security, employment, labor relations, policies and laws, and social security card services. With the help of the screen directions, the citizens can use the machine to enquire about the information on personal pension, health care account and recruitment, build the family support net, and apply for subsidy for starting businesses. The machine also has the function of printing six kinds of related official identifying papers for citizens. Reportedly, since the installation, the multi-functional machines have received over two million visits, with the top five most-frequently visited functions of employment post enquiry, social security paper printing, family support network, pension paper printing and personal account balance enquiry.

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