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Neighborhood Festival Activities Held in Yinghua Community
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The 14th Neighborhood Festival activities were held as scheduled in Yinghua Community (inside New Era Community, Dongsheng Street, Yinzhou District) on 9 am on October 9th, despite the drizzling rain. Various activities, including the songs, dances and sketches by dozens of performers as well as some volunteer services, not only conveyed people’s praise for the motherland but also the expectation for establishing a harmonious neighborhood relationship, which attracted hundreds of residents in spite of the rain. 

“The dance ‘All Peoples are a Family’ is really professional! Excellent!” Watching the performance of those “non-professional” dancers on the stage, uncle Wang and his wife couldn’t help but to applaud.

In the second activity area, the activity themed with “Inheriting Family Virtues” was going on. The calligraphy lovers in the community wrote couplets one after another and gave them to the residents. These calligraphy works expressed people’s expectations for a better life, including the wishes of “celebrating 19th National Congress and building a harmonious community”, “staying true to the mission and keeping on moving forward”, “carrying forward Chinese traditional virtues like filial piety”, “advocating frugality in household management and promoting harmony in the family”, etc.

“These activities bring people in the neighborhood closer together and promote the harmony in the community.” Lan Weiming is a resident of Yinghua Community. When being interviewed, he said that a good neighbor is better than a brother far off since good neighbors can help each other in trouble without delay. To build a harmonious society, this is of great importance.

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