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22 villages in Ningbo selected as provincial traditional villages
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It is learned from Ningbo Planning Bureau that 22 villages in Ningbo have been selected among the first traditional villages in Zhejiang Province.

The list, jointly issued by Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department, Cultural Department, Cultural Heritage Bureau and Finance Department, covers a total of 636 villages. Among the 22 selected villages in Ningbo, 10 are from Ninghai County, including Miaoling Village of Chayuan Township, Liangkeng Village, Lingxu Village and Ma'ao Village of Shenzhen Town, Ma'ao Village of Sangzhou Town, Xiashan Village of Qiangjiao Town, Hutou Village of Chalu Town, Lianghuang Village of Qiantong Town, Lingkou Village of Xidian Town and Xiahe Village of Meilin Street; four are from Fenghua District, namely Dayan Village and Dongjia Village of Dayan Town, Baidu Village of Xiwu Street and Wujiang Village of Qiucun Town; and three are from Xiangshan County, namely Xilifang Village of Qiangtou Town, Huangbu Village of Xiangtang Township and Dongxi Village of Xinqiao Town. The other five are Tongxiajia Village of Tangxi Town of Yinzhou District, Feng'ao Village of Hengjie Town of Haishu District, Shiqifang Village of Xiepu Town of Zhenhai District, Wucheyan Village of Huangjiabu Town of Yuyao County, and Fangjiahetou Village of Longshan Town of Cixi County.

"By strengthening the protection of the traditional villages, we hope to protect and spread the traditional culture and environment. With the protection and orderly development, the villages can bring more sense of gain to the villagers." said a person in charge from the Regional Planning Management Office of Ningbo Planning Bureau.

Reportedly, over the past five years, Ningbo has made great efforts to protect the traditional villages. By strengthening planning, technological support, capital and project construction, it has achieved an overall protection and improvement of the historical sites and living environment of the traditional villages. As a result, 22 villages have applied to be identified as national traditional villages, and 22 villages have been selected as the provincial traditional villages, winning a total central financial subsidy of over 50 million yuan.

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