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List of “same standard” enterprises issued
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Currently, the consumers in Ningbo have the opportunities to buy the industrial consumers goods made in Ningbo with the same quality as those exported to the developed countries. Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued the list of the first group of enterprises that provide the local consumers the goods with the same production line, same standard and same quality as those exported to other countries, including 20 enterprises such as Aux, Fotile, Zhongyin Battery, Bulls and Xinle Electrical Appliances, covering such fields for industrial consumers goods as household appliance, textile and garment, baby products, home products, stationery and batteries.

The three sames refer to the fact that the exporters are required to use the production lines with the same management and resource allotment and the same requirements for product quality, to offer the products to both the domestic market and the international markets at the same level for quality. On March 5, the three sames were included in the government report for the first time. The recently issued instructions for implementing quality improvement campaign suggest that China will actively promote the three sames project and gradually eliminate the quality differences between the products for the domestic market and those for the international market.

To promote the construction of the first Made in China 2025 pilot city, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has taken the lead to accelerate the three sames project in Ningbo. In the first eight months this year, the 20 enterprises of the first group for three sames achieved a total domestic sales volume of 15.57 billion yuan.

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