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One Shipbuilding Yard Has Active Orders Placed till the End of 2018
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Upon the arrival at the manufacturing regions of Samsung Heavy Industries (Ningbo), one is stunned by the shipbuilding operated in full swing. All workers in each slip are busy working to complete the construction of an oil tanker. “The ship is to be soon delivered,” said Zhang Haichao, Director of the Assemblage Department of Samsung Heavy Industries (Ningbo). He said the global shipbuilding industry had experienced a protracted slump in recent years and there were fewer orders, which was the main challenge faced by shipbuilding companies. Therefore, the company has promoted an advanced manufacturing system to realize an upgrade of quality and boost the efficiency. Though the global shipbuilding industry had experienced a protracted slump, Samsung Heavy Industries (Ningbo) had managed to maintain profitability until November of the last year with a year-on-year increase of 7.3% in total industrial output and 15 million yuan of operating profits. It also have orders placed until the end of 2018. “We are always advanced in manufacturing capability and management so we fear not the competition,” said Park Chung-heum, executive president of project planning at Samsung Heavy. He believes the construction of a ship calls for cooperation between hundreds of companies and thousands of manufacturers and that is not a easy task for any shipbuilding companies. “We have promoted cooperation projects for nearly 20 years; they have promoted the quality and are widely acknowledged by the clients, ” said Park Chung-heum. In order to boost efficiency, Samsung Heavy promoted projects of cost control to realize an integrated, standardized and disciplined management. For instance, the company makes solutions beforehand to improve the construction, further promotes the development and application of new technology and improves workers’ skills to decrease construction mistakes. The project planning of Samsung Heavy was settled in Ningbo in 1995.  Samsung Heavy Industries (Ningbo), which started with manufacturing small and medium-sized parts and hatches, went on to produce large and super large parts and finally was capable to build the whole ship and became a shipbuilding yard. Since 2015, the company has received 11 shipbuilding orders with a total value over 2.2 billion yuan including 9 50-thousand-ton oil tankers from Maersk Line. Thanks to the improvement of technology and management, Samsung Heavy could deliver one ship every two months in 2016. Presently, the company has established a block assembly in building oil tankers with a cycle time and manufacturing efficiency close to the international advanced level. “We are faced with many opportunities and challenges and we are to keep playing the leading rolde in the shipbuilding industry in China, ”said Park Chung-heum.

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